Mortgage Loan

Financial Institutions also provide Mortgage loan to the owner for the purposes other than speculative purpose; such as to meet Education expenses, marriage expenses , medical treatment expenses etc. Those persons who have requirment of fund to meet such expenses ;where as they are unable to arrange such fund from their own but they are in the possession of a good Immovable property (Flat, House Building etc) which could help them to come over their fund constraint situation.

The FIs arrange fund on short term to long term basis according to the need by taking mortgage of the property from the customer .After full repayment of loan with interest ; the FIs release the Mortgage in favour of owner . In such cases customer has to submit his documentary prove of having sufficient regular Income to repay the loan as per terms of sanction in addition to documentary evidence of clear ownership of the property in question.

We also provide all sort of assistance from start to finish like other cases very effectively & smoothly according to the merit of the proposal.


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